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AQAR Real Estate Investment Firm

AQAR Real Estate Investment Firm is an Omani company operating in the real estate field, we bring our pride in our 100% Omani team members. We operate in various sectors serving the real estate industry striving to understand our markets and our clients’ needs. We connect people with their homes and their communities. For us, creating relationships for our clients, their needs and best interests are at the heart of everything we do.





Our Objectives

Our main objective in AQAR is to modernize and advance the experience of purchasing, selling, renting & marketing a property with utmost cooperation, innovation, and integrity.

Our Identity

We specialize in residential, commercial & industrial real estate, we also have our equipped well trained property management services not only aiming in just managing the property but focusing on increasing the life of the asset.

The traditional paradigm real estate operation has been modified by AQAR by creating specialized departments that are ready for customers to collaborate in the best way possible finding a catered service for their needs. Our property management services assist building owners in renting out their flats. AQAR property manager take over and coordinate the maintenance and work orders of the buildings, perform light hands-on cleaning, solve problems and complains on behalf of landlords.

We also advertise, show and lease the vacant units, collect and deposit rents and communicate with the property owner regularly on the property's status. Each property has its own management plan created for its own purpose. We also highlight opportunities through allocating & identifying lands for long term investments & development backed by solid financial feasibility studies.Our Valuation & advisory department in AQAR will assess & identify the market value of a property, the most likely price of the property in a competitive and open market. The market price may not always be the market value, the value at which property sells.

In AQAR, the value of the market must be objective. AQAR valuations are conducted in an unbiased assessment of the value. We apply market best practices once we value a property. Our advisory services primary responsibility is to evaluate real estate, short and long-term goals, and provide options for the best use of any given property. Our advisors typically work closely with your funds to create the greatest scenario and future expectations for your goals and current situation.

Our Clients

We develop gorgeous, memorable projects for our customers.