Advisory Services
About the Service

Owning a real estate or a property might not be the only thing you do, therefore dividing your time, experience and attention will be challenging. At AQAR, our advisory department’s objective is to maximize your real estate investment. This implies that we continually evaluate the market, new trends and changes, zoning, and other aspects to assist you benefit from market changes.`

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The Challenge

This support from AQAR will enable you to manage your property portfolio and even acquire more assets within the portfolio.
To be able to make high rewarding profits in real estate, allocate your funds efficiently, manage your assets and managing the figures and yields, one must have a trusted real estate advisory firm like AQAR Oman.

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Comprehensive Services

Our Services Include & Not Limited To:

01 - A thorough description of the subject property compared with similar properties in the area

03 - Data on comparable properties in the area

05 - Advisory & real estate business plan

02 - Establish the current market rates for comparable offices and flats in the area.

04 - Commercial & financial feasibility