AQAR Services

We Will Be Providing Your Property With The Following Basic Services

A thorough description of the subject property compared with similar properties in the area.

Establish the current market rates for comparable offices and flats in the area.

Data on comparable properties in the area.

What is needed to make the property competitive when approached to potential tenants.

Data to be able to establish the operating cost of the utilities in the building.

Minimum of 6 comparable properties will be recorded and updated matching yours that will also help you tenant to accelerate a decision making.

Our marketing & advertising activities are very well planned

01 - The Marketing Services activities of AQAR would are with specific emphasis on Residential, Office units, retail units & lands opportunity.

02 - Establish the current market rates for comparable offices and for the flats in the area.

03 - Our team would be designing a marketing strategy based on and directed to an identified target market based on our property analysis, resulting in the best possible exposure of your properties within the budgeted time and facility parameters.

04 - Our team is responsible for all creative work in-house and oversees coordination, printing, production and distribution of marketing materials.

05 - AQAR’s first priority is producing the highest return and offering a quality of work within budget and on time.

06 - Our inhouse capabilities allows us to reach the market faster and provide excellent flexibility into approaching the desired market segment and the mobility of being more creative in the ways they approach their segment market to show your property.